Captured Essence began life in The Netherlands as CAPS AV productions. Our Dutch company was formed in 1994, serving medical, financial, bio-research, cultural and government institutions as well as real estate and travel agencies.


Our services are varied, but our core offering has always been wide range audio and visual media.

From ✚  Webvideo to Voice Overs, from ✚  Video podcast sites to Learning Games for Physicians. Captured Essence makes it easy for our clients to engage with its audience in new and different ways.

Captured Essence covers the entire spectrum of audio visual production, from planning and logistics, technical scoping and installation, right through to presentation materials, technical guidance and directing.


The first step is always taken with you, but before we can even begin our journey together, we must first scope what needs to happen, and what message must be communicated.

With the answer to these questions in place, we are able to move forward with confidence, knowing that we share the same picture of success.

✚  Who is your audience? and ✚  What is the message you want to get across?

✚  How do you want your audience to feel?

✚  What do you want the audience to do with the information?

✚  What is the time frame and ✚  What is the budget?



Our pricing is conform to market. We quote in detail so you know exactly what it is that you are paying for. We value your business and find loyalty way more  important than short term gain. We don’t lose clients because of  (poor) quality or price level because we always deliver. On time. That’s one of our strengths. We walk the talk and charge what we agreed upon. In fact we always go the extra mile to raise the bar. That’s just anchored in our character.

Sometimes we say NO. Because you might spend money and get no result from it. Because we know that you’ll stay with us if you DO GET result. That’s our main goal.